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Interior WPC Wall Panel

Big Market & New Chance

Big Market & New Chance Big Market & New Chance

  • No formaldehydeE0, benzene and other decorative pollution.
  • FireproofB1),cold and heat resistance, anti-aging.
  • Waterproof,moisture proof, can be cleaned by water.
  • Available for nailing,drilling, sawing with good wood properties.
  • Durable with life span of more than 30 years.
  • Anti-corrosive,insect-resistant, antibacterial ,acid&alkaii resistance.
  • With high strength, good toughness,no deformation,no cracking.
  • Cold and heat resistance, anti-aging,fire extinguishing.

Big Market & New Chance

Advantage of Bamboo Wood Fiber

It is mainly composed of wall panel system, decorative line system and accessories.
It is a modular,delicate and scientific system which suits  for whole house decoration.
It is a fast and simple installation system with luxurious and decorative appearance.

Advantage of Bamboo Wood Fiber

Introduction of interior WPC Wall

Interior WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)made in a High-Tech process with a unique combination of wood fiber and
advanced polymer composites.
This new material has the best properties of both plastic and wood and is recyclable.
Interior WPC  is the best non polluting solution for building decoration due to its unique properties, easy and fast installation process which we could operate by ourselves.

Fast&Simple Installation

Models of interior WPC

OEM/ODM can support any requirments from customers
Different width can be selected including 150mm-600mm, Thickness is 9mm
Length can be customized. Maximum length is 6 meters
Different drawings can be seclected including four series

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